• Image of The Gifted Bracelet
  • Image of The Gifted Bracelet
  • Image of The Gifted Bracelet

This Bracelet will never be on sale!
It can only be earned!

When I see extraordinary acts of support, love or loyalty within the Brooks Tribe I will reward the Triber with one of these :)

So far bracelets have been gifted to:

7 Tribers who helped me get to Australia for my first ever show in Sydney by posting across social networks hundreds of times a day for over a month.

1 Winner of the Six String Music Video Competition. Andrea Espino entered an incredibly creative video game meets reality video treatment consisting of pictures and 6 page plot line... it was also just a really good idea!

1 uber talented Evonne Lim who's artwork I found online a long while back on tumblr. I asked her about creating some artwork for a new poster and after many drafts and several style changes we had the perfect one! The Joe Fantastik Poster now available on the store.